Beach House Progress

The concrete floors were finally finished yesterday.  If everything stays on track, the Beach House will be done in 2 WEEKS!!!  My Contractor surprised me last week – he called and asked me to stop by and check out the front arbor.  Remember our architect’s rendering?

     Well, it is now a reality!  I had no idea they were working on this while the floors were being done.  It added SO much curb appeal to the beach house – it will be sealed with a clear waterproof sealer and some additional trim pieces will be added before it is complete.   I can’t wait for the doors to be painted and the blue shutters to be installed.

     The concrete floors turned out great.  It was an interesting progress to say the least.  We used Garrett at Big Dog Concrete – he is a hard worker and was there every day for a week straight, even Saturday and Sunday.  I guess the guy he had working with him quit mid-job so he finished up on his own.  Kudos for staying on schedule – each day is so precious right now. 

     Today I stopped by to see the finished floors and to meet the landscaper.  On Monday we are starting on the sprinkler system and the yard overhaul – sod, palm trees, red azaleas and bright red oleanders – I think the red will look great next to the blue accents.  We are also adding a side gravel driveway so the house can park 5 cars total.  I think the landscaping is the final touch to really make this house look great – all the weeds and dead shrubs are really an eyesore. 

     Today I put a FOR RENT sign in the yard!  That was exciting to do.  I waited until today as we have already had quite a few people just walk right in the house and start looking around.  I didn’t want that to happen with the wet concrete floors.  That would be just my luck!  So literally less than 5 minutes after I installed the sign, I had my first phone call.  The more we do to the house, the more I adjust the price.  Rentals are hard to find in our area so I am not even worried about renting it – we are SO close to the Beach anyone would love to live here…myself included!

     Here are some pics of the concrete floors in process and today.  I forgot my camera today so pardon the iPhone photos:

This is after the concrete overlay and before the stain and sealer.

This is a close-up of the scored floors. You can pick any tile size you want!

And this is the floors today – stained in “Mocha”

The sunroom

This is the 3rd bedroom/bathroom.  This was all tile that had to be jack-hammered – what a mess!

And this is the 3rd bedroom with the concrete floors.

     Next week I am going to pressure wash the front patio and driveway – the Landscaper is letting me borrow his large professional one so it shouldn’t take long.  The Cambria Quartz countertops are being installed in the kitchen tomorrow and the appliances will be delievered next week.  Look for photos of all this progress next week!


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