Before and After – a Beach Townhouse

 south Bay Townhouse - at the beach with kris

     This little gem (at South Bay by the Gulf) was purchased recently by my clients – it is SO close to the beach and they fell in love because it has 3 bedrooms – plenty of space for their family of 4 when they visit Destin!  It also has a nice yard for their dogs and you can see the swimming pool from their front door and the master bedroom.  What they didn’t fall in love with was the décor.  They embarked on a trip to the beach for closing and brought with them a trailer stuffed full of all kinds of Home Goods goodness!  The initial plan was to be here for an entire week for this extreme makeover, but due to some unforeseen circumstances, they were only here for 2 days.  You will be impressed with what they did achieve in 2 days – I will post again once they come back and do more – they really wanted to tackle the peach paint and the kitchen, but there just wasn’t enough time.  Here are some photos of the 2 day mini-makeover…

before & after - living room - at the beach with kris

In the living room, they added new throw pillows, switched up the artwork, added a sisal rug and new tables and lamps

before & after - living room tv- at the beach with kris

We’ve gone from Motel 6 to beachy chic in the living room tv area!  I love this transformation!  I’m always surprised at how many properties I show and sell that haven’t replaced the old TV’s with flat screens.  When I am working with buyers, they chuckle when they see the old TV’s and it is a turn off – definitely replace your TV’s when you are selling or even just renting!

before & after - living room tv view - at the beach with kris

before & after - master bedroom - at the beach with kris

The Master Suite is my personal favorite – the added splash of pink is just so fun!  New curtains, bedding, artwork, lamps and tables complete this room.

before & after - bunk room - at the beach with kris

The guest bedroom was cute before, but now with the two sets of bunk beds, the townhouse can sleep 2 more guests which is great for rental income!

before & after - guest bedroom - at the beach with kris

The guest suite looks nothing like its former self – its much more soothing and mature now – pretty much everything changed!  Decorating note – whenever possible, have the bed facing the door so you see the bed when you enter the bedroom!

pool - at the beach with kris

pool - at the beach with kris

patio - at the beach with kris

rear view of townhouse - at the beach with kris

If you are planning a trip to Destin, you can rent this townhouse here!

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