Kitchen Finale

     You’ll remember I started working on my kitchen here and here.  Well, its finally finished and photographed!  It was a long process to paint all the cabinets and my island – a little/lot back breaking, but really the hardest part is waiting for coats of paint to dry and living with a kitchen with no doors attached.  I really like the way it turned out, and it was very budget friendly.  I priced having the doors sprayed and it was $50/door – that would’ve been over $2,000 for my entire kitchen and I didn’t even ask if that included spraying the backs!  The cost for me was 1 gallon of paint, 1 gallon of primer and the brushes/rollers and solo cups.   No, I don’t have my dream French stove or my dream ice maker, but this will pacify me for a while…

If you remember, this is what I started with.  10 years ago, I loved dark woods, golds, reds and apple green – blech!  Now I want everything white with pops of blue.  I cringe when I see this photo – I can hardly remember all this dark wood!

Before Kitchen in dark wood - at the beach with Kris

In October, I started Phase I and created a two-toned kitchen.  I knew I wouldn’t be able to stop here…

Before and After Kitchen - At the Beach with Kris (two toned kitchen)

And here she is after….

Paint your own kitchen cabinets by At the Beach with Kris

We’ve come a long way, baby!

Before and After Kitchen - At the Beach with Kris

I ordered the beaded wood chandelier from World Market.  It was even better in person and the quality and the price were great!

world market beaded chandelier - at the beach with kris

The cabinets plus all the trim in my house is Dover White by Sherwin Williams.  Get a swatch for yourself…this swatch looks very dark.  In person it is a nice, creamy white that I adore.

 sw dover white kitchen cabinets - at the beach with krisI painted the island Crystal Blue by Benjamin Moore.  Against all the white, you almost can’t tell it is blue unless the light hits it just right.  My adjoining dining table chairs are painted the same color.

ben moore crystal blue for kitchen island - at the beach with kris

Here is a before and after of the island…

Before and After Kitchen - At the Beach with Kris - the blue island

I’ve also updated a lot of my original builder grade interior doors and added some glam Emtek door knobs. 

Before and After Kitchen - At the Beach with Kris (new interior doors and Emtek door knob)

These door knobs – could you die?

emtek glass doorknob - at the beach with kris

You might recognize the bar stools from a post I did here about a beach condo renovation.  I loved them so much, I managed to track them down a few months ago on a trip to Scotts Antique Market in Atlanta!  I found the booth, picked out my stools, paid the money and THEN asked him where he is from.  Wouldn’t you know, he sells these stools right here in Destin and his warehouse is in Panama City Beach?

industrical chic bar stools from at the beach with kris

  Here are a few more photos of the kitchen…

white kitchen with blue accents - at the beach with kris

white kitchen with blue accents - at the beach with kris

white kitchen with blue island - at the beach with kris

I’ve also been working on my family room.  This actually used to be a garage when we bought the house but we tore down a wall, raised the floor, bricked the outside, added doors and windows and voila, our family room!  I’m still working on this space, so here is a sneak peek of my progress so far.  I still have to change out the blinds to woven shades, paint the console (ugh, more painting) and frame some Etsy artwork to hang around the tv…

family room progress - at the beach with kris

For all the details on the products I used and the entire painting process for painting my kitchen cabinets, click here.

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Beachy Inspiration

 I discovered the website of a home builder in South Carolina…feast your eyes on all the loveliness…

beach inspiration at the beach with kris - 6

beach inspiration at the beach with kris - 7

I die for this grasscloth…

beach inspiration at the beach with kris - 8

beach inspiration at the beach with kris - 5

You could plank just about anything and up its awesomeness…

beach inspiration at the beach with kris - 3

Oh blue…I just can’t quit you…

beach inspiration at the beach with kris - 9

beach inspiration at the beach with kris - 1

beach inspiration at the beach with kris - 2

beach inspiration at the beach with kris - 11

beach inspiration at the beach with kris - 4

A great idea to get a big impact…

beach inspiration at the beach with kris - 10

 beach inspiration at the beach with kris - 12

Check out the portfolio here

Happy Monday!


Limewashed Brick

limewashed brick

     I have been wanting to paint my brick house pretty much since the day we bought it over 10 years ago.  Husband is against this idea and thinks it turns a no-maintenance house into a higher-maintenance house.  I don’t disagree, but when did I ever opt for a low maintenance anything?  The other problem with painting my brick is the climate here at the beach.  Warm and muggy and lots of harsh salt air.  So mold can be a problem on a painted brick house because the brick no longer breathes.  There is a gorgeous new house in my neighborhood that was built in what looked like Old Chicago brick (Gah! I would not paint over that!) and they painted it white.  And now a year later, I see mold all over the house.  So I have been investigating limewash – I love the look of the limewash because some of the brick still shows through.  I’m waiting to hear back from a company I have read some reviews on that boasts their limewash doesn’t get moldy and wears and ages with time to look even more beautiful than Day 1 of painting – I think Husband will like that!  If I’m going to do this, I will of course do it myself (any volunteers?!?!) so I need to get busy before it gets too hot!


limewashed brick 5

limewashed brick 4

limewashed brick 3

limewashed brick 2

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::These are a few of my favorite things::

Here’s a look at what I’m loving lately from the Blogosphere and beyond…

 kitchen renovation

 This is a great looking kitchen remodel that shows you don’t have to start from scratch to have a fab kitchen!


the porch of all porches

Check out this fabulous porch – if you weren’t in the mood for spring, you will be now!


chair aprons

I love these chair aprons – an easy way to update your chairs!


chic shelf paper

I was surfing around looking for some cute contact paper for my kitchen and found all of these chic patterns!


downton abbey

I was a bit late to the Downton party but was hooked when I started watching in December.  My only complaint is the seasons are too short.  I love, love, love this show and season 4 just ended so it will be a long year without a Downton fix.  Lucky are you who haven’t started watching yet – available for streaming free on Amazon if you are a Prime member!  If you are looking for more great shows to binge on, might I suggest “Breaking Bad” – all seasons now available on Netflix and quite possibly the best show ever on tv.  Its like a major depression when these shows are over.  Also try House of Cards, Weeds and Scandal.


The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt

This book, “The Goldfinch“, is almost 800 pages but once you start reading you won’t care.  The subject matter is a bit dark, but the way this book is written is what sucks you in. I’ve never had to use my Nook dictionary so much when reading a book – its chock full of every adjective in the English language and the story just envelops you.  For me it was worth the late nights of droopy eyelids just to see what happened next!


I owe you a bunch of pictures from all of the work I have been doing around the house – my latest project is my bookshelves.  I’d rather shop for 12 couches and rugs rather than accessorize, but I actually have had fun doing my shelves.  My shelves are really big, so filling them is a challenge and I needed a lot of things with height.  Thank you, Marshalls and Home Goods!  My inspiration came from a designer I follow on Instagram – she took this photo at a show house in Utah and I loved all the whites and creams – and the books turned backwards was SO much easier than covering all my books in white paper!

bookshelf inspiration

white ceramics for bookshelves

I went to the Atlanta Furniture Market and Scotts last week and it was a blast!  Scotts was an experience – you can find just about anything you could imagine.  I bought this for my bookshelves – it looked like driftwood but it is actually a vine from Thailand…

my bookshelves

House updates soon, I promise!

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My Kitchen & Olympic Obsession


     I am always obsessed with the Olympics and this year is no exception.  I’ve had a few laughs with all the #sochiproblems from yellow tap water to strange toilets.   How does that segue into my kitchen?  Well, it doesn’t so just go with it!  I’ve written a lot in the past about my kitchen dreams like here and here.  Remember I created a two-tone kitchen here.  Well, painting your kitchen cabinets is NOT fun.  But it must be sort of like childbirth because I’ve pushed that memory far enough into the back of my mind that I’m ready to paint the lowers and the island.  I’m going to paint the lowers the same Sherwin Williams Dover White and then I’m going to paint the island Benjamin Moore Crystal Blue.  I recently had my kitchen dining table painted Benjamin Moore Majestic Blue and the chair are Crystal Blue.  Wish me luck!  I also ordered a beaded chandelier from World Market to go above the island.  I’m going to Scotts in Atlanta in March and hope to find some bar stools as well.

world market beaded chandelier

This is the chandelier I ordered from World Market  – only available online here.

Benjamin Moore Crystal  Blue 2051-70The island and kitchen dining chairs – Benjamin Moore Crystal Blue 2051-70.

Benjamin Moore Majestic Blue 2051-40My kitchen dining table – Benjamin Moore Majestic Blue 2051-40.

Here is a “before” of my earlier “after” of the kitchen taken in October – it should take me about 2 weeks to finish Phase 2!


And moving right along to the Sochi Olympics…

   I love the Dufour-Lapointe sisters from Canada – as a mother, I can’t imagine having all 3 of my kids competing in the SAME Olympics!  Justine and Chloe both medaled (gold and silver) – sadly the third sister came in 12th.

dufour-lapointe sisters



     Have you watched ice skating?  The 15 year old from Russia, Julia Lipnitskaia, is unreal.  If you didn’t watch it, find it on YouTube…her spins are epic.

julia lipnitskaia

julia lipnitskaia 2

 Gracie Gold from the US – lives up to her name…looks like Grace Kelly and is beyond graceful…and the perfect last name for an Olympian…

gracie gold

gracie gold 3

gracie gold 2


Check out this free Olympic printable here!

olympic printable

   In Valentines Day news, I made some delicious cookies I saw on Pinterest – they turned out so cute and are melt in your mouth good… I am actually making a 2nd batch today.  I found some cute red heart plates at Target and am passing them out to a few friends and teachers!  Click here for the recipe.

valentines cookies


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Check out all of my favorite paint colors on my Pinterest paint board here!


The Penthouse Life

Ariel Dunes Penthouse

     Last week we listed a penthouse in Miramar Beach in a building across the street from the Gulf of Mexico called Ariel Dunes –  and wow, was it ever impressive!  So impressive, that it was under contract and closed in ONE WEEK!  Even though it sold before I had a chance to tell you about it, I thought you would enjoy the photos of this property.  Lately we’ve had some dismal weather (including 3 snows days off from school last week!) so photography has been a challenge.  But the winter lighting is spectacular if you can catch it just right…and avoid the fog.  This condo has a huge wrap-around balcony, floor to ceiling sliding doors plus 3 bedrooms and was sold fully furnished, down to the silverware!  Without further adieu, here is the penthouse….
















Happy Hump Day!


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