Local Beach Houses

                 Beach House Destin     It gets hard to write a unique blog post when we all have such easy access to great images through sites like Houzz and Pinterest.  So for this post, I combed my local MLS for some inspiring photos from some local beach houses for sale – enjoy!  

     I love this kitchen – this house went under contract shortly after it was listed and you can bet the kitchen sold this house…that tile and hood are show stoppers.

598949_0667396598949_0011567598949_0483255I love the colors and the mixed use of woods in this beach house kitchen:600206_0921342I love the blue island in this kitchen…and the windows and the cabinetry!

578738_0186250This kitchen has some interesting reclaimed wood, open glass shelving and cool light fixtures – it will look amazing furnished:

597318_0974666This dining area has a lot of drool worthy details – look at those ceilings!


What a fun punch of color and comfy seating – don’t miss the basket woven ceiling in this beauty:


I love everything about this room, but the placement of those nautical lights really caught my attention – details, details…

595441_0438632Here is that stunning ceiling again – I love the wood behind the tv, the planked walls (I wish my entire house was planked), the furniture and the views!



I might not ever leave this sofa…


This bathroom is pretty awesome…

525683_927500We love bunkrooms at the beach – I die for that tub in the background complete with rubber duckies!

525683_0052500     You know how when you want something you suddenly see it everywhere you look?  Its like that for me with the French stove.  Gah!  Husband got me watching a really good show on Palladia called “Live from Daryl’s House” (check out the episodes with Rumer and Jason Mraz!) where all kinds of different singers come and jam with Daryl from Hall and Oates.  Daryl lives in this really cool old farmhouse in New York and you guessed it – he has a French stove in his kitchen!  Next up is a show on the DIY network where he restores another old farmhouse in Connecticut.


See it?


     If you want to see a really stunning kitchen before and after by Amy Meier design – that features “my” Lacanache, click here.  You will not believe the “Before” photos!

Kitchen before and after



More Kitchen Dreaming…

     I’m still obsessed with renovating my kitchen – I have big plans people.  If only that money tree would start blooming, I could get started.  You might look at my kitchen and think it looks pretty good, but we re-faced the builder grade cabinets a few years ago and the insides aren’t holding up so well.  Plus its not very functional.  I want a HUGE island where at least all 4 of us can saddle up – right now only 2 of us can.  Thanks to Houzz and Pinterest, I have quite a collection of ideas and inspiration.

 If money were no object, I’d get a French stove.  You know, for all the macaroni and cheese I cook…just call me Julia Child.   I mean isn’t she gorgeous?  She’s all that and a bag of chips!  But she probably costs more than my entire appliance budget…

I want all white shaker cabinetry with some killer hardware.  If money were no object and I were Type A enough to deal with the maintenance, I would get some Calcutta Gold marble counter tops – maybe just the island?  I die for the towel bar too – genius!


Speaking of towel bars – check out these vintage towel bars on this island…and  I spy a french stove in the background…  Seriously if you see one of these on Craig’s List or eBay, let me be your first call…

A white apron sink is definitely happening…


 I have a serious crush on this white backsplash tile…

I need a big island with recessed seating like this….


 Wouldn’t some woven basket kitchen storage be divine?

These sink drawers slay me – I must have them…


 I have the perfect spot to add a little office space – this is definitely happening….  I think this photo is the most re-pinned on any of my boards!

     Last but not least – my kitchen dining space.  Right now I have a large black Rachel Ray dining set – I’m tired of the black so I think I will chalk paint the table and chairs and replace two chair with a bench just like this one…  (I found this via Pinterst on a new blog that I love and you will too…Vreeland Road, check her out!)


     Before the kitchen of my dreams, I’m going to tackle a more realistic project – changing out some of my builder grade interior doors.  I had picked out some wood interior doors for the beach house and can’t get them out of my head.  One of these days I’m going to order them for my main living areas and they are going to sport this shiny hardware from my all time fav Emtek…

     We just returned from a 2 week escape on the vacay of a lifetime to Alaska with the entire family to celebrate a milestone birthday for my mom!  Husband and I said repeatedly it should be a requirement for every US citizen to visit Alaska.  There are not enough adjectives in my vocab to describe the beauty and awe of Alaska!  Did you know it is 2 1/2 times the size of Texas?  (the locals have lots of Texas jokes)  One of our tour bus drivers told us we would retain only 10% of what he told us, so don’t hold me to specifics of this other morsel, but there is a canyon way larger than the Grand Canyon in Alaska!  Alaska has more coastline than the entire US combined!  It is pristine and perfect and beyond your wildest dreams.  We arrived in Fairbanks and then traveled to Denali National Park – we were so lucky with such awesome weather and were able to see Mount McKinley – which is covered by clouds 70% of the time.  The waitress at our Lodge in Denali told us the week before had been cold & rainy and the mountain was covered by clouds – she was waiting on a man who was on his FIFTH trip there to see McKinely!  Poor guy, we just roll in and saw her in all her glory for 2 straight days!  We then ventured to Talkeetna (my favorite town if I had to choose) to catch our glass sided and topped train for 5.5 hour train ride through more spectacular Alaska scenery to Whittier to board our ship.  My only regret was we had no time to spend in Whittier (translation I really wanted a t-shirt)  – this place is so remote and the conditions so firece in the winter, the town has less than 200 year-round residents.  They all live in the same apartment building which has a tunnel to the only school – last year there were 2 graduates, the year before only 1!  The summer workers in Whittier are called “Half Wits”, lol.  It is spectacular, nestled in between mountains and glaciers in Prince William Sound.  One of these days when I get my photos edited, I will do a full post or two dedicated to this amazing trip!  Just looking  at this picture of Whittier makes me wistful…  (Mark my words when the kids are in college, I want to live in Alaska for a summer.)

You can find original links and more kitchen photos on my Pinterest board here.