A Condo in Panama City Beach

 splash views

     Believe it or not, I’ve had a few buyers contact me from my House Hunters episode.  I guess it made the whole deer in the headlights experience worth it!  Last week one couple that tracked me down from the show closed on a gorgeous condo in Panama City Beach – the same area where the House Hunters couple selected their condo.  This condo is at Splash – which was one of the House Hunters contenders.  The one all of my friends thought, while watching the show, would be the final HH winner!  This condo is really unique – it has 3 bedrooms (all with their own balcony overlooking the Gulf), 3 bathrooms and is a lock-out.  That means you have one main door that opens to a small foyer where there are 2 more main doors – one leads to a 2 bedroom, 2 bath and the other door leads to a mini-suite complete with a king sized master bedroom, a kitchenette and a bathroom.  The beauty of this floorplan is all the options – you can rent as a 2/2 plus a 1/1 or as a 3/3 or better yet – you can use one side yourself while still collecting rental income on the other side.  And we are talking about $70,000 a year in rental income with a purchase price under $450,000 – cha-ching!

First up, the bedrooms…each with their own balcony overlooking the Gulf.  Good luck getting your guests to leave!

splash master and viewsplash master 2 and viewsplash gest bedroom and view

Because this condo is on the end of the building, it has extra side windows that really focus on the views…

splash living and dining room

 The kitchen for all those meals you won’t cook…

splash kitchen

The living room…

splash living room

The living room media cabinet…

splash media

This is the kitchenette in the lock-out side of the condo…

splash master 2 kitchenette

I hope you enjoyed a peek of this condo – and if you are at home freezing your buns wishing you could head south, you can rent this condo here!

Happy Monday!



 glass front fridge

     What?  An entire post devoted to a refrigerator?  Yesss!  I’m still knee deep in obsessing planning my new kitchen.  I want to have everything picked out and ready to go so when the time comes for construction, I will be ready.  In our last big renovation a few years ago (our family room addition) I ended up with second best choices due to timing.  The contractor would say I need a door!  Today!  And so I had to live with an in-stock option instead of what I really would  have wanted had I had time to obsess research.

     So enjoy with me some refrigerator eye candy!  I love the idea of a built-in refrigerator, and found a less expensive option by getting a built-in refrigerator and a separate built-in freezer.  Placed next to each other with centered handle placement, you have the look of a super high-end appliance for half the cost.  Ok, so half the cost is still really expensive, but a girl can dream…

electrolux refrig and freezer

Here she is alone… 

electrolux refrigerator

Remember my French stove obsession?  I stumbled upon these antique looking refrigerators from Elmira – tres chic!

Elmira refrigerator

And they come in many fun colors and sizes! Elmira refrigerator red


I sold a house last year with a glass front Sub-Zero refrigerator and really loved it – but we all know I’m not Type A enough to let it all hang out…but for those of you who are… 


Which reminds me of Yolanda Foster’s (from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills) custom designed glass referigerator that she stocks with all her home grown fruits and vegetables and LEMONS!  I’m not admitting I watch the show for anything other than design ideas… 

yolanda forsters glass front refrigerator

Come on – who wouldn’t become type A for this fridge??? yolanda foster's garden veggies

yolanda fosters veggies

Even her closet has glass doors…but I digress… yolanda foster's glass front closet

     Now I need to research ice makers.  I love what I affectionately call “rabbit turd ice”.  And before you think I’m the only weirdo, there are fan pages and Facebook pages devoted to this ice.  People love this ice at Sonic so much, you can buy bags of it!  I may or may not have pagophagia but that’s ok with me…

rabbit turd ice

     Thanks for all your kind House Hunters comments – I kind of wish I could have a do-over now that I know what I know – but really I’m just glad its over.  Well, until it airs again on August 24th!



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House Hunters


     Ok, ok peeps – I promised I would let you know when “my” epsidoe is airing – and its this week!  Friday, July 19th at 10:00 pm EST, airing again that night at 1:00am EST and then if you can’t get enough, you can catch it again on August 24th at the same times.  Click here for more info on the website.

     Puhleeze go easy on me – I still dread it and want to hide in my closet.  Remember in the old days when we had answering machines and you had to record your voice and then you asked all your friends “Do I reallllly sound like that?”  It feels like that but 1,000,000 times worse.  A friend of mine is planning a debut party – I’m still on the fence if I am going or if I will choose the closet.  The producer tells me it is one of her favorite epsidoes – but she probably says that to everyone…  Or maybe that means they used some great editing and a really soft focus lens – we shall see… 

     Click here and here for my earlier posts about the experience.


Just for fun – a re-post of some of my behind-the-scenes photos while taping House Hunters…

House Hunters last day 5

House Hunters last day 4

House Hunters last day 3

House Hunters last day 2

House Hunters last day 1

House Hunters 3

House Hunters 4

House Hunters 1

House Hunters 2


That’s a Wrap – House Hunters

     I finished my last and final day of shooting for House Hunters!  Hooray its o.v.e.r!!!   This picture says it all – this camera was right in my face while I was driving along Front Beach Road in Panama City Beach.  Along with the Producer and the sound guy in the backseat.  Somehow they make it look natural on the show – pay attention next time you watch.  They show the Realtor in her car talking about her clients.  But in the moment it felt really weird – like I was the Realtor who forgot her lithium that day and is driving around talking to herself or maybe one of her split personalities about my clients!  LOL, can you say awkward?

     The last day was the best – because it felt more natural and I was getting used it.  But I still felt like the minute the camera was on me, I turned into a different person.  And not in a good way.  When the camera turned off, I was my usual cracking jokes/sarcastic self but when it was on I was a deer in the headlights.  I do not think HGTV will be calling with a deal for a show…sorry, Mom!

     There were a few things I thought you might find interesting – some behind the scenes kind of stuff.  Before we can begin shooting in any of the condos, they have to take down all the artwork.  I guess they don’t have the licensing agreement to be able to show it on tv.  So if you see bare walls, now you know why!  They also go around with black tape and cover up all the brands of the tvs and appliances.  So where the tv might say “Samsung”, it is covered up with black tape.  Pay attention to the next episode and see if you catch that!  The sound guy is not a fan of jewelry – it makes noise in your mic.  So we went round and round with me promising I’d be more quiet with my necklace or bracelets and in the end I had to let my double wrap necklace hang practically to my waist and he had to stick a big piece of tape behind my bracelets to try to quiet them down.  I was excited when I read my itinerary that stated craft services would be available.  I felt like an official movie star – but really it was whatever the Producer picked up at Target the night before…cheese sticks and Gatorade!

     Here are a few more Instagram pictures from the last day – maybe, just maybe, I will let you know the air date.  I will be locked in my closet and I’m pretty sure I will refuse to watch it.  I mean really – can anyone stand the sound of their own voice? 


Tomorrow I will be posting the Christmas Miracle Project gift list!!



Time flies when you’re  having fun!  Let me be as short and sweet as possible to get you caught up on everything:

1.  Halloween – its really a bummer when its on a school night – the kids think the next day should be a  no-school sort of holiday.  We had fun anyway – a little pre-party at our house with chili, cornbread and lots of treats.  Then off on our gaggle of golf carts to trick-or-treat.  Son was, as usual, a football player.  Today he announced he is not going to be a dentist/orthodontist when he grows up because he is going to play football until he’s 80!  I like a man with a plan.  No photos of him – because, he’s him and doesn’t care to stop to be photographed.  Daughter was a witch that collided with Lada Gaga.

Remember Chuckie from last year?  Well that house was even scarier than ever.  They had monsters and even a clown jumping out of the bushes and “Chuckie” had a dead body with guts that she was throwing on people.  I can’t make this stuff up!  The kids love it and hate it all at the same time.

2.  Son’s Birthday – We had a fun outdoor party and had a flag football game with kicking and throwing contests.  I got all the kids team shirts with their names and numbers on the back and a team logo on the front.

3.  Football – the season is now over.  I’m kind of like the kids with the dead body and guts about football – I love it and hate it all at the same time.  Its harder than hard to watch your baby boy get tackled.

4.  House Hunters – I have been shooting an Emerald Coast episode of HGTV’s House Hunters!  My clients had submitted to be on the show long before they even met me.  I was wary about doing it – I’m not a big “do things in front of others” kind of person – I’m the anti-Leo.  I convinced myself I could do it and that the Realtor doesn’t have that big of a role anyway.  It was fun – the crew was so nice and interesting.  I loved hearing about their travels and the other shows they have worked on –  like our cameraman did a 3 year stint on “Cops” and told us stories about running around alleys and railroad tracks chasing after criminals!  I shot 2 consecutive almost 12 hours days and have one more day this weekend of shooting.  The buyers have to shoot 5 days!  All this for a 30 minute show.   It was very unnatural to have a camera in your face and a sound pack in your back – I know I did not act like myself and am worried about what I will look like on tv.  I felt a little bit like a bobble head, nodding my head in agreement too often during the buyers commentary.  So if you catch the episode in 2013, go easy on me – its much harder than you think!  Here are a few iPhone photos of the experience:

 This is me doing the “confessional” – this was the hardest part for me!  How does everyone else make it look so easy?  I was bright red like a tomato and probably talking about 100 mph which is what I do when I’m nervous.  I begged them for white balance…

This is me with the buyers and the crew after our 2nd long day of shooting.

We were shooting right as Hurricane Sandy was hitting the East Coast which brought a freakishly unseasonable cold front – yep, it was 46 degrees with a 39 degree wind chill and I was in summer clothes determined that it would not look cold in our episode!

 During breaks I put yoga pants under my dress and bundled up in a North Face.  For real I went to lunch dressed like this! 

     Please check back tomorrow – I am putting together a humbling and heart breaking post about the family I would like ALL of us to help and bless this year for Christmas.