I received an interesting comment on my blog today and instead of responding to just the poster, I decided perhaps others might share this opinion.  So here is the comment:

Hmmm so you are real estate agent that are now competing for purchases on short
sale and foreclosures. Isn’t that a conflict of interests??? Doesn’t that give
you a non-competive edge to be able to get information on what clients are
offering and what you need to give to purchase properties??

Just like car salesmen can buy cars from their dealership, Realtors can buy property ethically!  In fact many people get their real estate license for the sole purpose of buying and selling their own properties.  Most real estate offices encourage their agents to buy investment property as another source of income.  I would much rather invest my money in real estate – a world I know a lot about, versus the stock market which I know nothing about and am at the mercy of a financial planner.

The Short Sale Project was on the market for 395 days before we put it under contract – plenty of time for anyone else to have written an offer.  We were not in direct competition with any buyers we were working with and this home was not our listing so we were not privy to any confidential information.  I would never directly compete against one of my clients to purchase a property!

So, there is no conflict of interest or anything unethical about a Realtor purchasing real estate – we can buy homes and investment properties just like everyone else!  The Short Sale Project was the inspiration for my blog and I started blogging about this to inform and educate others who don’t really know what is involved in buying a short sale.

Speaking of the Short Sale Project – we are getting closer to closing.  We have been under contract since the spring and hopefully we can (fingers crossed) close before Christmas!  Short sales can be very long and tedious, but if we end up with the house, it will all be worth it!

I hate to leave you without any pretty pictures – so here are some inspiration photos of rooms with neutral walls and colored ceilings – do you like?


Have a great week!


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I love decorating and design – one of the favorite perks of my job is seeing all of the wonderful homes and condos that we list and sell! I love to “borrow” inspiration from them, and from decorating shows, magazines and the many blogs I am addicted to!


  1. Wanda Dobrovolny says:

    I love your inspiration rooms!


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