Just a Glimpse…

       Did I tell you that the renter of our Beach House is a professional wedding and beach photographer?  Her work is stunning – really, I should have negotiated a photo shoot into the lease!  She shoots weddings along the Emerald Coast – usually in Seaside and Rosemary Beach.  Her plan when she moved in was to use the entire sunroom as her office.  She has meetings with brides there and also has a big flat screen to run proofing sessions.  (If you are planning a wedding or vacation to the Destin area – send me an e-mail for her contact information!)  I always wished I had been a professional photographer and had a little hut on the beach – but on the other hand, maybe I wouldn’t love it so much if it were my job?

     Well, lucky us – she sent me a few photos of the completed office.  She found the table and chairs on Craig’s List for only $75 and then painted the entire set with chalk paint.  Her canveses look stunning, even from this glimpse…

      I’ve had a lot of e-mails about Tropical Storm/Hurricane Isaac – the short answer…we are fine!  The track initially had Isaac heading straight for us, but now it has turned west towards New Orleans.  Hopefully the storm will not gather strength – New Orleans deserves a break.   Its a lot of work to prepare for a hurricane – just moving everything from the outside in is no easy task.  Our schools are cancelled tomorrow – but I think more of a precaution because we will have some winds and rain.  Yesterday we took advantage of the pre-storm surf and took the kids surfing at the beach.  This is only son’s second time surfing (after 2 years of me begging him to take lessons) and just like little kids do, he pops right up – now he wants a surfboard for his birthday!  Daughter is a little more reserved – maybe next time!

And here is the photo you will never see on the Weather Channel… 


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  1. Interesting, that she used chalk paint on table and chairs!

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  2. Wow! Here studio looks awesome!!