Limewashed Brick

limewashed brick

     I have been wanting to paint my brick house pretty much since the day we bought it over 10 years ago.  Husband is against this idea and thinks it turns a no-maintenance house into a higher-maintenance house.  I don’t disagree, but when did I ever opt for a low maintenance anything?  The other problem with painting my brick is the climate here at the beach.  Warm and muggy and lots of harsh salt air.  So mold can be a problem on a painted brick house because the brick no longer breathes.  There is a gorgeous new house in my neighborhood that was built in what looked like Old Chicago brick (Gah! I would not paint over that!) and they painted it white.  And now a year later, I see mold all over the house.  So I have been investigating limewash – I love the look of the limewash because some of the brick still shows through.  I’m waiting to hear back from a company I have read some reviews on that boasts their limewash doesn’t get moldy and wears and ages with time to look even more beautiful than Day 1 of painting – I think Husband will like that!  If I’m going to do this, I will of course do it myself (any volunteers?!?!) so I need to get busy before it gets too hot!


limewashed brick 5

limewashed brick 4

limewashed brick 3

limewashed brick 2

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  1. Send photos of the moldy house