glass front fridge

     What?  An entire post devoted to a refrigerator?  Yesss!  I’m still knee deep in obsessing planning my new kitchen.  I want to have everything picked out and ready to go so when the time comes for construction, I will be ready.  In our last big renovation a few years ago (our family room addition) I ended up with second best choices due to timing.  The contractor would say I need a door!  Today!  And so I had to live with an in-stock option instead of what I really would  have wanted had I had time to obsess research.

     So enjoy with me some refrigerator eye candy!  I love the idea of a built-in refrigerator, and found a less expensive option by getting a built-in refrigerator and a separate built-in freezer.  Placed next to each other with centered handle placement, you have the look of a super high-end appliance for half the cost.  Ok, so half the cost is still really expensive, but a girl can dream…

electrolux refrig and freezer

Here she is alone… 

electrolux refrigerator

Remember my French stove obsession?  I stumbled upon these antique looking refrigerators from Elmira – tres chic!

Elmira refrigerator

And they come in many fun colors and sizes! Elmira refrigerator red


I sold a house last year with a glass front Sub-Zero refrigerator and really loved it – but we all know I’m not Type A enough to let it all hang out…but for those of you who are… 


Which reminds me of Yolanda Foster’s (from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills) custom designed glass referigerator that she stocks with all her home grown fruits and vegetables and LEMONS!  I’m not admitting I watch the show for anything other than design ideas… 

yolanda forsters glass front refrigerator

Come on – who wouldn’t become type A for this fridge??? yolanda foster's garden veggies

yolanda fosters veggies

Even her closet has glass doors…but I digress… yolanda foster's glass front closet

     Now I need to research ice makers.  I love what I affectionately call “rabbit turd ice”.  And before you think I’m the only weirdo, there are fan pages and Facebook pages devoted to this ice.  People love this ice at Sonic so much, you can buy bags of it!  I may or may not have pagophagia but that’s ok with me…

rabbit turd ice

     Thanks for all your kind House Hunters comments – I kind of wish I could have a do-over now that I know what I know – but really I’m just glad its over.  Well, until it airs again on August 24th!



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