The Beach House is Finished!

     Pardon the Olympic sized pun, but this was no “Bolt” across the finish line.  But nonetheless, the Beach House is finished and a darling family of 4 has moved in!  I had lofty ideas of taking magazine style photographs for this page of the blog, and an unveiling party for our friends and family to show off the house once it was complete.  But in my non-Martha world, none of those things happened.  Instead, we returned from vacation just a few days before the family moved in.  I battled horrendous traffic on a rainy day to arrive at the house on the eve of the move and snapped the photos.  It was a rush at the end  to have the house ready – the blinds were installed just days earlier, insulation was blown in through the attic, additional electrical outlets were installed to accomodate a 2012 family with  computers,  tvs  and  all that necessary stuff, and the home was professionally cleaned.  Now that the home is complete, we need to build up the coffers and look for the next project.  Or, perhaps work on some projects in my own home that I have been dreaming of!

Living Room – Before & After

     We removed that awkward fireplace, and added beachy wood paneling throughout the living room, new baseboards and crown molding, recessed lighting, concrete floors, new front door, window blinds and of course a fresh coat of paint (Benjamin Moore Mascarpone).  This room is so large and accomodates any kind of furniture arrangement.

Kitchen – Before & After


     The kitchen is my favorite room in the house – I wish this kitchen were in my own house!  The cabinets are painted wood and have the upgraded soft close feature.  Again, I wish my own cabinets had that!  The counter tops were another splurge – they are Cambria “Whitney”.  Cambria quartz costs about double the price of granite.  The appliances are all Frigidaire Gallery and the stainless steel farmhouse sink was a steal from Overstock at under $400.  The clear glass lights are from Home Depot.  The pantry is super spacious with nice pull out drawers.  The kitchen was extended by removing a window that looked through to the sunroom.  The wood paneling was also extended throughout the kitchen and serves as the backplash and really adds a lot of beachy charm.

     I don’t even have any great “Before” pics of the kitchen because it was so.Scary.Larry.  The cabinetry was red and each cabinet was a different shape.  A friend did take a few of the cabinets and painted them to hang in her kids’ playroom…I’m sure they turned out cute.  I’m also sure she removed the naked people cabinet hardware, but she has yet to confirm.  I tried to find a home for everything we removed from the house so it didn’t end up in a landfill somewhere.  In the end I think we only filled 2 small dumpsters, which, considering the amount of demolition is pretty darn good.

Sunroom – Before & After


     The Sunroom saw a lot of change as well.  All new windows and a french door leads to the newly landscaped back yard with a brick paver landing and patio.  We removed the french doors to the bedroom and removed the sort of cool (but extremely rusty and severly painted over) vintage window to the living room – I think this room was enclosed at some point and that was an original exterior window.  This room also has concrete floors, fresh paint, new baseboards and molding, new lighting and a new front door.  This room also has a large closet that we revitalized.  Oddly enough, this is the “true” front door of the house because this is the street of the home’s address.  This is where we added a new gravel driveway and sidewalk leading to this door if you remember from my earlier exterior photos.

Master Bedroom – Before & After

     The Master Bedroom is another of my favorite rooms.  You might remember it was accidentally painted Benjamin Moore Pallian Blue and it is so pretty and peaceful.  In addition it got a new french door that leads to a covered brick paver patio, a new wall for better furniture placement,  new blinds, new ceiling fan and light plus 2 revitalized closets and a fresh new bathroom.

     Check back later this week for photos of the rest of the house!  I want to leave you with one last photo – a birthday surprise.  One of my dear friends loved the post I did way back when about the Greek church that sits very near the Beach House.  She didn’t know it existed and drove over to see it with her mom and 11 year old daughter.  Her mom loved the church as much as I do!  So my friend surreptitiously had her daughter paint my photo at her art class and then gave me (and her mom) the framed painting!  She is a talented little artist for sure and it warmed my heart more than words can say that she painted this for me – sniff, sniff, this is my most treasured birthday gift!





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  1. came out great….how long are the new people in for???

  2. Looks awesome and glad you liked the painting!!

  3. I am thinking of painting my open living area mascarpone…..I noticed you painted the large room this color. It looks like it could be a warm white when it is finished. What are your opinions of mascarpone? Is it beautiful on the walls? Is it still nice in the evening? Is it easy to decorate using this color? Any after pictures with furniture? Thanks for any help with these questions. Just looking for you opinion of the color on the walls as opposed to the trim.



    • Hi Paula,

      Mascarpone is a creamy white color and it looked great in the beach house. So, I decided to paint my house the same color! I painted a few walls and it was way too bright white in my home. I suppose the difference in light and the undertones of my furniture just didn’t work. So I searched for a “darker” white color and ended up with Benjamin Moore Indian White and I love it. (I also liked BM Linen White) I would recommend buying a few samples and painting a few spots in your room and look at it at different times of day. The Indian White has some brown undertones and it does not look yellow, pink or gray which can be a problem with white. There is not a harder paint color to choose than white!!! Good luck!