The Short Sale Project

As a Realtor, I have done my share of short sales.  In fact, our team closed just under 90 short sales last year!  But now the tables are turned and we are the buyers – we formed a little investment group with my parents and the search started for a fixer upper, short term rental capable beach house!  We found the perfect candidate – and a well priced foreclosure to boot – but 20 other people saw the potential as well and we were severely outbid!  Onward to the next one – a short sale very close to the “one that got away”…it needs a lot more work, is 2 streets further from the beach, but it is double the square footage and sits on a much larger lot!  So…the short sale process begins…waiting for the Bank to respond.  Stay tuned for more updates on the Short Sale Project (SSP) – hopefully the closing and then the fun part…the renovation and furnishing of this beach house!  Here are a few photos I snapped of the interior of the SSP – I think this home has really good bones and I am so excited to start the renovations and decorating!  The homes has concrete floors throughout that have been sloppily painted – I’ve talked to my contractor and he said we can really make these floors fabulous and for way less than tiling the entire house.  Sand from the beach is really hard on carpet or wood floors so I think concrete floors will not only look great, but they will be ultra low maintenance!  Since we plan to rent this home short term, it will get a lot of sandy feet and wet bathing suits which is in the back of my mind with every decorating choice!  What do you think about these floors?  What would you do?

This is the kitchen looking into the sunroom.  The kitchen cabinets are unique to say the least.  Not sure what those stray cabinets are inside the kitchen – they look like displays from a retail store?  The kitchen will need the largest chunk of the budget for new cabinets and appliances.



2 of the 3 bathrooms have original (1950) tile – it is cute and vintage and I want to keep it.  Andrew, my contractor, thinks I’m crazy but maybe he doesn’t have the vision I do!  We will have to replace the pedastal sink with something with more storage, new toilet, new glaze on the tub and a deep, professional clean of the tile and grout.  What do you think?  Would you keep?


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I love decorating and design – one of the favorite perks of my job is seeing all of the wonderful homes and condos that we list and sell! I love to “borrow” inspiration from them, and from decorating shows, magazines and the many blogs I am addicted to!


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